Alone as a name served a little earlier than the store, as a Metal Bar, then as a Metal Club…

… some concerts were held, and since February 1995 as a record store.

I started with 100 CDs and T-shirts. Difficult times, there was no internet and the update was made from the directories that the companies sent to me.

I started traveling overseas and in the following years Alone was filled with thousands of titles.

A few years later, in October 2001, i moved to a larger store in which i continue to be.

The idea for Label came in April 2013 when Warlord came to LIVE in Thessaloniki.

They accepted my invitation and came to Alone for autographs/photos and that was when a friend and brother told me … “why don’t you tell them to release The Holy Empire on vinyl? it only came out on CD.”

A few days later the first contract was signed and owned by Alone Records.

The second contract was with Metal Church. Later, many well known bands such as Nevermore, Angel Dust, Jag Panzer etc were added.